Maxsımum  Series

Maxsımum Series


Our Maximum pita pizza furnaces are one of the most preferred products by restaurants. This product has an up-feed heating and internally heated system. Thanks to the thermostats, the cooking stone temperature and the inside temperature of the oven can be controlled separately up to 400 degrees.

Thermostats reduce gas consumption by turning the burners on and off. In general, pita pizza masters turn the cooking stone burner off after the furnace goes into regime. That is, a burner needs to work in a two-burner oven. The single-working burner also burns 40 percent less gas thanks to the thermostat.

Thanks to its high isolation, there is no heat loss at the underside, top and sides of the furnace. Our furnaces work with a card system. We can say this in the smart system. There is ease of service all over the world. Since this system used in Maximum series does not fail, it has relieved our company in terms of service as FIRINMAK. Our customers also express their satisfaction to our company regarding its practical and problem-free use.

Safety valve is used in all FIRINMAK products. In the event of any flame extinguishing, the smart system steps in and cuts off the burner gas. The alarm system is activated with the flashing red lights and the alarm sound and warns the user. If necessary, the user can cut all gas and electricity from the furnace by pressing the emergency stop button.

Turbo System: It is a system used only in FIRINMAK ovens as an option in the world. For the mixing of pressurized air with the flame thanks to the fan mounted on the burner. Dimmer pressure settings placed on the front panel of the furnace provide a temperature of about 50 degrees to be taken from this system. This temperature setting varies according to the size of the furnace and the pressure setting.

Stone Dome: In molds designed by FIRINMAK, we pour oven domes with a specially prepared mixture. We strengthened our dome with steel meshes. The oven dome will never break and collapse. If excessive flame is used during the first use, cracking may occur in the furnace. For this reason, the oven must remain at an average temperature of 100 degrees for the first two days. During this time, the furnace dome removes moisture and the dome does not suffer any damage. Even with the wrong use, steel mesh ensures that only cracking remains at a minimum level.

In Maximum series ovens, the below stone thickness is 5 centimeters. Since the stone was heated from below, we preferred 5 centimeters, which is the ideal thickness. It passes the heat fast to the upper surface during combustion and a suitable thickness for heat storage. Under the cooking stone, there is a burner that operates with a thermostat. This burner heats the stone faster and transfers extra heat to the firing section of the oven.

This is provided by the channel opening to the back of the oven measuring 10x30 cm. If the lower burner is closed, heat can also be passed from the upper burners through this channel and the stone is kept in the ideal regime for continuous cooking. There is a 7-centimeter interval between the baking stone and 10 cm thick aerated concrete that provides bottom insulation. There is a burner that heats the stone in this range. However, this range acts as a heat sink even when the lower burner is in the off position. Thanks to this design, both the floor stone and the inside temperature of the furnace are at desired levels.

There are many different designs designed by FIRINMAK in Maximum series ovens. Our customers can choose the exterior design they want, or they can offer us any design they want us to do. In addition, there are glass mosaic, decorative brick, ceramic, broken ceramic, paint and stainless steel options. Color and design are determined according to the customer's request. Polyamide wheels carrying high weight are used in ovens with a weight of 2 tons and above. You can run our ovens under the hood according to the A1 regulation. It is not required to connect to the chimney.

The flue pipe is Ø16 cm thick. Can be installed in the front or middle of the oven. The oven covers of the FIRINMAK design consist of three parts. Side covers are fixed to the oven. The middle door is portable and removed during operation and placed in an empty shelf under the oven. The reason for making this type of oven door is to prevent the oven from getting out by getting oxygen even when the side doors are closed and to prevent the heat from escaping from the oven in a short time while the side doors are closed. Thanks to this design, the furnace regime very quickly.

Thanks to the spiral tube lamp installed outside the oven, the interior of the oven can be easily monitored with strong light. Thanks to a hole in the oven front panel, the flame under the baking stone can be traced. In the outer coating of the oven, silicones with higher costs are used instead of mortars. With this method, no breaks occur in the outer coating. In addition, thanks to the joint in the coatings, both strengthening is provided and the product looks more elegant.