Standard Barbecue

Standard Barbecue

Firing Zone:The base and side parts of the barbecue are built with 5 cm thick bricks. In this way, extra heat is kept in the barbecue.

Exterior Design:It is done according to the request of the customer. Mainly used materials of glass mosaic, tiles, granite, blasting marble or chrome

Whell:Through the swivel casters installed under the hob, the place of the furnace can be changed easily.

Knitting Needles:FIRINMAK manufactures special stainless high quality skewers provide comfortable working opportunity for kebab masters.

Top Design:The front and side edges of the combustion chamber are made of marble and the rear edges are made of stainless steel.

Ürün Kodu İç Ölçüler cm Dış Ölçüler cm
STDOCAK 100 40*100 85*135
STDOCAK 120 40*120 85*155
STDOCAK 150 40*150 85*185
STDOCAK 200 40*200 85*235